Remembrance Day

Grandson Morgan and I drove to Redmond Cematary to place a rose on brother Norman’s stone  – Norm was serving on the U.S.S. Fox submarine out of Oakland when he died in a car accident. He was only 22. We miss him still. My little brother – who I didn’t pay enough attention to (I was the big sister and had to kid-sit younger bro and sister.) Now my sis lives down the street – it’s a wonder she still speaks to me – we’re different as ever was — and I was a mean big sister.

but we’ve had much fun over the year s- two of our boys were best friends (hers and mine) – they talked without talking  knew each other’s mind seems like. Family is the greatest. (but no one wanted to play them as a team in Pictionary — they’d make one line and guess it. (and they didn’t cheat) )

Right now trying to compile contest chapbook material. Have a title “Dancin’ With Words”. since the last chapbook I did was “Dancin’ Thru’ Puddles.”

Enjoy the sunshine – we finally have some – and pray for those poor folk in Okla and Texas with tornadoes, flooding, etc. I don’t know how they pick up and start all over. it’s inspiring.

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